Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mobile field force reporting software-customized ERP- SFA and Mobile Apps

 Mobile usage is rapidly growing around the world. Users have started spending more time on non voice usage of phone. This trend has caught up throughout the world. When mobile phones came more than twenty years ago they revolutionized communication and now they are being used for another revolution.

 Companies in the last few years have used mobile applications(apps) to make inroads in the consumer market. These mobile apps are available in varying categories - games, lifestyle, social networking, productivity, news etc. With growth of social media and ability of mobile devices to add location to the products have fundamentally changed how users engage socially and the manner in which they purchase goods and services.

 Companies have started using mobile platform in enterprise segment as well. Companies are encouraging employees to bring your own device (BYOD). With BYOD, companies have to manage the security risks mobile phones poses to the enterprise data, but are outweighed by the convenience it brings to the employees. Most companies have started defining mobile strategies both for internal employees and for its consumers. Sales force automation (SFA) in one area is catching in the enterprise mobile space.
 Advanz101 mobile SFA app has been developed for sales team and field force. This app can be used to submit a daily call report (DCR), edit a DCR, and review real time data including other things. Most of these tasks were previously possible either on paper or using a laptop. Some key benefits of the app are listed below.

 Ease:  Mobile app improves operational efficiency of the complete sales team. With the app, sales team can enter a DCR using mobile from the field without having to wait for end of day or end of week to get in front of computer. This has made operational work easy for the sales rep. It also decreases errors on DCR and delays in submission of DCR. With this app sales person can even enter DCR while waiting in Doctors office.

 Reach: Mobile app increases companies reach within the sales team. Team can get proactive alerts which help them in multiple ways. With sales team all over the field it gets difficult to communicate across to multiple sales representatives at the same time.  Using mobile app company can reach out to all the sales rep or a set of sales rep whenever they want to - this gives them flexibility with mass communications within the organization. Important announcement, product related info, territory information etc can be sent to this app so that when user logs in they will have visibility.

History: App can be used to check historic information. Past records can be accessed any time to give insight into history e.g. before talking to a retailer, field person can check retailer's historic transactions and be prepared for the conversation.

Real Time: For sales team, business is on the road and decisions need to be made quickly. With ability to see real time information on the go puts business on the fingertips. With mobile app users can get real time updates on orders, opportunities, customers etc. Data updated by mobile apps from the field gives middle management instant visibility on field activity of the sales team.

The way consumer apps have transformed how we access information in our day to day personal lives, business apps will transform how we conduct business. Business apps have potential of taking us away from desktops/paper and give power in our Mobile phones so that we can take care of business anywhere and anytime.
 customized ERP, Mobile field force reporting software, SFA and Mobile Apps

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