Friday, July 18, 2014

Advanz101's Sales Force Automation

Advanz101 System’s Sales Force Automation helps field force to update field activities like Call Reports, Tour Program, Stock Statements, CRM Activities, and Expenses etc. on real time basis. This enables a seamless connectivity between field and Corporate Head quarters. With sales force automation Field force also gets relevant information to improve their operational efficiency.

Components of SFA: Advanz101's SFA software consists of the following functionalities within the tool:

  • 1) Daily Sales Report (DSR): The DSR provides a quick way for collecting information about daily activities of field sales force through mobile and web interface. Details like Retailer visit/Stockist visits/Product detailing/gifts given/ POB details, etc. can be added with easy clicks.
  • 2) Tour Program (TP): The Tour Program module enables the field staff to plan station wise visits in the whole month in advance. Sales agents can map different stations and plan a tour using this intuitive and user friendly module. Seniors in the team can also plan joint working with the field sales team.
  • 3) Stock and Sales Statement (SSS): The sales staff can use this feature to record secondary sales only by entering closing stock of stockist. It also helps in proactive stock replenishment at stockist / distributor end.
  • 4) Expense Calculation: The tedious task of calculating expense for every field staff is taken care by this module. Distances and miscellaneous expenses can be auto-recorded as per the Standard Distance Chart predetermined by the Sales Admin. The review and approval of expenses is thus made easy for the Sales Admin.
  • 5) CRM / Merchandise Tracking: This module can record vital CRM related information like special gifts/promotion done for a specific retailer and their commitments against the same. This module can effectively track merchandising activities of your own company as well as of the competitors.
  • 6) Customized Alerts: System Generated alerts keep the various management levels updated with the latest information as and when they happen. Based on the data available in data warehouses and transactional systems like Oracle, Siebel, SAP etc. focused alerts are delivered with actionable information for measurable KPIs. These alerts can be received on a daily basis on Mobile SFA or Emails, making them easier to access.
  • 7) Importance of Alerts: Targeted Information – In the sea of data that resides in the SFA, it require efforts to find actionable info on different KPI’s. For such scenarios, customized alerts save the day by providing targeted actionable information. The alerts sent are user oriented as per his territory of work.
  • 8) Time-Saving: Provides the exact information on demand, hence eliminating the need to access SFA and browsing through the whole data.
  • 9) Reduced Dependency on Human Capital: The dependency on human capital is eliminated as the alerts are system generated and not impacted by availability of training resources, employee turnover etc.
  • 10) Mobile Application: The mobile application provides all the functionalities to the field staff and management on their fingertips. This makes reporting and data availability handy. Easy, step-wise interface makes the app a productive tool in daily official activities. Users are able to upload activities from the field using mobile, which save their lot of time and improves efficiency. This app can be used to submit a daily sales report (DSR), edit a DSR, CRM/ Merchandise tracking, check alerts, and review real time data including other things.

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