Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MR Reporting software | FMCG software for sales| customized ERP- SFA can help improve Sales

Sales force automation has come a long way from its initial days of companies maintaining lists. Indian pharma market like most overseas market is very reliant on MRs (medical reps) and their relationship with Doctors. Pharma companies’ sales are directly dependent on how
well the MRs do in the field. So its very important to keep a record for daily and weekly activities of all the MRs - that’s where daily call report(DCR) is very useful. Daily call report should be exhaustive so to capture as much detail as important on the other hand be easy to fill so that it does not take too much time to fill - this is what most 
MRreporting software do.

Marketing and selling in Pharma Company depends on relationship with doctor and chemists. Attention needs to be paid to the whole secondary sales channel. Gone are the days when paper based logs were the only option for companies to keep track of all on field activities. With growing complexities and intense competition companies have started leveraging technology to maintain sales channel and relationships.
With automated sales force pharma companies can keep a pulse of day to day ground activities. Using sales force Automation Company can easily target on focused product. Some products can be picked and expedited for detailing. Specific regions and micro territories can be paid extra attention.

Sales force automation is just the beginning, use of Mobile (Mobile field sales reporting software) and business intelligence solution increases the potential for pharma companies by leaps and bounds. All that may be in next few weeks!
What is Business Intelligence?
Business intelligence is a expression that refers to a multiplicity of software applications which are used by association to examine their raw data. Business Intelligence as a field of regulation is made up of numerous inter-related behavior which include online logical processing, data mining, reporting and querying.

Companies make use of Business Intelligence to get better their decision creating, cut costs and to recognize new business chances by analyzing data. Chief Intelligence officeholders of companies make use of Business Intelligence to identify the business progressions which are inefficient that are prepared for re engineering.

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